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Creatures of the Deep is a fishing game developed by Infinite Dreams.

In Creatures of the Deep, players can collect fish and creatures from various destinations, clean up trash from the oceans, and solve the mystery of the local monsters that inhabit the waters. Players can also join clans and participate in tournaments, giving the game a competitive element.

Latest updates: The workbench was added to the Home Island on 11 April 2024, and we're continuing to update the page with details of blueprints and new items. If you have any useful information about the workbench or blueprints, let us know on the Discussions page!


There are seven destinations in Creatures of the Deep. The Home Island and Paradise Island are unlocked by default. The other locations can be unlocked from the Home Island using coins.

Click on a destination link below to view details of all the fish, creatures, trash, and monsters that can be found in that destination, as well as specific locations where these can be found.

Fishing maps[]

Check the interactive maps below for a quick overview of fishing locations in each destination.

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